We are some of the best in the business with several years of experience with products such as:

  • Microsoft Windows Server & Exchange

    We have in-depth experience in a wide range of Microsoft products which is backed by Microsoft certifications.

  • Microsoft Terminal Services (RDS)

    Maintain one server/desktop for dozens of users.  Cut down on administrative overhead and desktop support.

  • FortiNet Security Products

    Build a network with next-generation security features fully integrated. 

  • VMware

    From single host designs to complex clusters with shared storage and SANs, we implement and maintain the infrastructure.

  • Juniper Networks

    Enterprise grade security demands enterprise grade support.

  • Cisco Systems

    Router, firewall and switch support including SSL VPN connectivity.

  • Dell

    The industry standard hardware lineup that is Brampton IT's perferred line due to positive experience.

  • Apple Mac OS X

    Full support for Apple's desktop operating system including Windows interoperability.

  • Linux server support

    Certified Linux experts on staff

  • Email filtering, hosting and support

    Expertise on all popular email platforms with high deliverability.

  • Graphic Design Services

    Graphic artists on staff for all your online and printed content requirements

  • Application development and customization

    We build and support a wide range of industry standard platforms.

  • Consultation

    Speak with knowledgeable, helpful staff to fulfil your requirements and meet your goals